Our original F-16 V1 Nighthawk Finishing Framing Hammer, inspired by the Lockheed Nighthawk F-117 bomber and developed in our workshop here in Derbyshire UK.


Features include:


-16oz (head weight)

- Milled or smooth face options

- 15" total length, 0.95kg total weight

- *Replaceable polyurethane rubber grip in either tangarine or black

-2 side nail pullers

-Magnetic nail setter

-Rip claws

-3 degree face angle

-I beem shaft for greater strength

-Drop forged handle

-Extra deep striking face to help eliminate overstrike

- **FREE personalisation;



* Rubber grips replaceable by Kinetic Customs or yourself with the correct adhesive and procedures.


**Please ensure any personalisation requests are left in the box below.


*** Please see our Store Policy page for details in relation to the warranty. Terms and conditions do apply.

V1 F-16 Nighthawk Finishing/Framing Hammer

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