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LUCKY DIP! Get 25% off a Raptor Handle when you let us choose the colour!


Just add your Raptor 16oz or 12oz head from the relevant product page then head here, choose your length and let us choose the colour! 


Our Raptor framing hammer handle is machined with the best industrial grade materials for better wear resistance and toughness. It has been designed specifically with energy absorption as a priority. Not only does aluminium absorb more energy than steel, the Y spoke factored into the design of this product creates a tuning fork like feature, helping the hammer absorb even further impact for amazing shock reduction!


Other exciting features inc:


- Choice of overall length (inc hammer head & grip) 16" or 14.5"


- Aerospace grade aluminium, a third of the cost of titanium, more durable than wood


- Easily replaced with a single bolt


- Beautifully anodised in a range of colours


- Nail bar slot


- All new injection moulded grip with unique textured feel;


* Magnetic pin setter not inc (please see separate listing to purchase)


This modular piece is intended to be a replaceable part, much like a wooden handled framing hammer, and will wear over time or when subjected to heavier than intended use. Please see our store policy page for more information.


£70.00 Regular Price
£52.50Sale Price