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We are so excited to soon be offering for pre order our brand new 16" titanium handle - The Titan.


Lightweight and flexible, titanium may be great for absorbing impact but it can be made even greater with careful and thoughtful design!


Features inc:


- Precision CNC machined from billet Ti-6AL-4V grade 5 Titanium 

- Carefully designed to optimise flexibility helping to further reduce shock absorption

- Integral airpockets engineered into the tang for even better shock reduction

- Lightest titanium shaft on the market (for its size), weighing in at 311g making for a light tool for those long days!

- Textured grip included;

- Can be used with any existing Raptor heads already purchased!


Key titanium features: 


- Scratch resistance 

- Excellent corrosion resistance 

- Superior strength to weight ratio

- 40% lighter than steel!


*Best suited to our 16oz Raptor head

** 14.5" handle coming soon.

The Titan - 16" Titanium Handle

PriceFrom £245.00
Excluding VAT
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