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Our Story

One of the original founders and partner of Kinetic Customs, Adrian started the business in 2018 after working in engineering for many years & creating many of his own tools! 

Adrian is the mind behind the designs of our products and works tirelessly to create new processes and tool designs for our range.



Joe is the second original founder and partner of Kinetic Customs alongside Adrian. The two worked together in Derbyshire, UK and decided to go it alone in 2018. 

Joe takes the lead on the workshop floor and manages the day to day of our handmade tool building/processes ensuring the smooth running of our business.


Lauren worked behind the scenes of her own full time job since the beginning of Kinetic Customs helping with administration and the packing of everyone's orders!


She joined the team full time in Oct 2021 and now deals with our administration, accounts, customer relations and lots of things in between.


Monique joined us in June 2023. She helps run the administration side of the business with Lauren in the office and fulfils and packs everyone's orders!




Enzo officially resides with Adrian and Lauren but he makes it into work every day and is our quality control manager / all round good boy!

He takes the stresses and bad days in his stride and is always happy to say a big hello to anyone who visits us.

For help, queries or enquiries please email us at

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